I am a writer and a student of the world.

I take a “collage” approach to my work. I love stories and images that pull together unexpected details to create compelling works of art. I am inspired by the subject of change because it is a profound teacher. I know this from personal experience.

I’ve spent eight years working and leading at a summer camp. This job has changed my faith, my character, and my leadership capabilities. All have been strengthened.

I’ve moved multiple times within Canada, navigating the change of uprooting relationships and culture and memories. I’ve learned, through listening well and making mistakes, how to adapt.

I’ve worked at a pharmacy, as a nanny, and in various freelance writing jobs. I changed my mind about school too, dropping out of university before graduating from college and returning to a different university for two degrees in journalism and English. These shifting experiences have opened valuable doors for me.

As a journalism student, I’ve been trained to ask questions, listen well, and chisel stories out of scattered details. I do this with my own life first.

My team won a 2017 Canadian Online Publishing Award for our data journalism project about the state of mental health in millennials.

I won a Toronto Star award for academic excellence in journalism in 2017.

I won the silver medal at Sheridan College for the highest GPA in the journalism program.

I also won Best Multimedia Story at Sheridan College in 2017.

I write from my own experience in order to help you uncover truth in your own life. I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by!