How to Overcome Your Fear of Change

Just before I graduated with my journalism diploma, I got an amazing internship. This was, on paper, a dream job for someone like me. I emailed publishers and got books sent to me for free. I interviewed authors. My job was to read and talk and think about stories. In my world, this is perfection….

.004 Sometimes Making the Decision is the Hardest Part

I’m standing on the edge of a new threshold right now; the kind of place that knits fear and possibility together and smudges expectations. My future direction, the one I had so clearly laid out in my mind, has warped once again. I’m in a messy place full of decisions and I spend so much…

Navigating the Sacred and the Secular as a Student

I’m writing an essay at the moment for an English class at school and the main themes of the essay, the main ideas that I’ve been kneading out lately, are the intricacies of the body, the spirit, and the mind. I’ve been thinking over basic questions like “what does it mean to be human?” and…

Slow Release

Last week was a hazy sweep of work, laughter, emotion and action. The days smudged together and time warped and Friday night was so welcome. The week exhaled to a close. I’ve been thinking about Lent in between all of the chaos. I have a few blog posts written and saved in a document on…

What you should know about my story

 Two years ago, when I was sixteen, my family and I uprooted our lives and moved from a rural country town to the city. I’ve been thinking back to that lately because it was a tipping point in my life. It broke all of the shaky foundations I had been leaning on and shattered me….