Romania: Visual Stories

Moieciu de Sus.

Honestly, I’ve struggled a bit with finding good words to describe my weekend here. We went to Moieciu de Sus to cover the Eco Marathon, which totally exceeded my expectations. The energy and atmosphere were so positive and I loved being part of it. As I photographed the event and did interviews I kept thinking that I was so lucky to get to be right in the middle of everything without actually running (not my favourite sport)!

There were three loops to this marathon (42km) that went all through the mountains, but every loop crossed back over in the village. There was an option for runners to complete one loop, 14km, if they didn’t want to run the full marathon. Overall, 1500 runners from 13 different countries participated plus the 500 children who ran the EcoKids races. There was so much diversity crammed into this tiny little mountain village. I loved it.

As photographers, we hiked up one of the mountains to take some photos. I was blown away by the stunning scenery.


The whole weekend was tiring in a very satisfying way.

You’d think I’d have some deep thoughts and poetical reflections after spending time in all of this gorgeous nature, but I actually don’t. The whole weekend was a very grounding, mind-clearing experience.

My words have nothing on the beauty of nature.

: :

Juni Pageant

I got back to Brasov on Sunday afternoon- the day of the Juni Pageant. The main event of the Juni Pageant is a parade where men wear traditional Romanian costumes and ride horses through the streets. I missed the actual event, but I decided to go out with my camera anyway because there were so many people everywhere. In lieu of the parade, I tried to capture visual stories with my camera as I saw them.


These were absolutely the best days I’ve spent in Romania so far. I felt like my camera was a permanent necklace around my neck, but it was also a constant reminder to notice, to pay attention, and to remain alert to the stories around me. I love discovering stories in the details.

It’s a rich way to experience the world.

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