How to Build Healthier Cities.

So many cities in Canada are going through a phase of regrowth in their downtowns. New coffee shops, co-working spaces, innovation centres, and startups are infiltrating old spaces. This is called revitalization. It is good.

But there is a flip side. I’ve been working on a project lately that takes a deeper look at revitalization and gentrification in cities. This video is one element of that project. My hope is that it makes you think more deeply about the idea of repercussion. All of our actions affect other people in positive or negative ways. Even things that are healthy and good- like city revitalization and regrowth- can have a negative affect on people. This is why it is important to cultivate awareness about the neighbourhoods and communities that we live in.

I hope this video offers a little insight into a side of our cities and communities that many of us have never considered before.

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