Growing Out of Good Things

Sometimes we go back to a place that we know well and find that, although the place is the same, we are not.

You can grow out of good things.

That is ok.

Have you ever found that, when returning to a familiar place, you hardly recognize yourself when you press up against the memories of who you used to be? I’m in a season like that and it is very strange to me. I know that, absolutely, I’m supposed to be exactly where I am right now, and I love it, but the reason why I’m here is a more slippery question. I try to nail down answers, but nothing seems very solid.

I think that you can begin to grow out of good things, and that doesn’t make them bad. Sometimes it makes them better. What happens, though, when I thought that I had grown out of a season, a place, a chapter, and I find myself called right back? What happens when I feel a tiny bit wary of all of the familiarity, the comfort, the routine?

Right now, where I am, I know that I need to be present and I need to be available. However, I’ve also stretched wide enough to make room for more. I’ve grown enough that I can fit more in. I can move on to the next level. I simply need to be an open vessel right now: to speak the words I am given, to do good work, to lead well, and to serve humbly. This is my job.

Be faithful in the small things. This is all a preparation for what is to come.

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