[1] The Sunday Collections

I’ve developed a funny little habit that I do on Sundays. I have a huge collection of pictures on my phone because I’m always taking pictures during the week of things that catch my eye and inspire me. Sometimes it is the mood or colour scheme of the picture that captures my attention, and, sometimes, it is a memory behind it. Either way, every Sunday I listen to an artsy playlist of songs and go through all of these pictures.

In order to organize these pictures, I’ve decided to sometimes put them up here as well, mostly so I have a place to put them all. This is obviously not to showcase great photography, since most of these images are just quickly taken with my phone. This is more just a collage of snatches of my week.
Also: one thing I have been thinking about this week is this word “reclaim.” Sometimes, especially during this time of year, I feel kind of weighed down and restless waiting for spring to come. As a result, I tend to get sloppy in my own life. I cut corners and take shortcuts and get stuck in old ruts. I’ve been trying to reclaim spaces of my life by being alert and trying to see new things.
One way I do that is by taking these pictures. There’s something about noticing and capturing beauty that, to me, is an act of acknowledging these kind of exceptional moments that I could easily skip over. Sometimes they are extremely mundane things, but they can still be beautiful.
Another way: a friend and I agreed to take the month of March to read through the book of Hebrews in the Bible. Sometimes creating a fresh goal, naming it, and doing it with a friend is helpful to break out of that rut.
Lastly, I’m trying to commit to incorporating and increasing simplicity into my life. In my schedule, in what I wear, in my daily expectations of myself, etc., I just want to purge all the excess out of my life and be content with simplicity so I can more easily see and commit to things that matter.
I’m hoping that, by being intentional with my time, my resources, my choices, and my relationships, I’ll be able to reclaim those parts of my life that were starting to become cloudy.
That’s just a little meditation for your Sunday.
I hope you find simple moments of beauty within your week as well.

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